From Sabang to Merauke, islands lay in a row. Connected to become one, that is Indonesia [x]

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Anonymous said: out o’ sheer curiosity, why does the gender of Hawke matter when romancing Isabela? pls explain and sate my thirst for knowledge. Thank.


no prob bob

my major problem with m!hawke romancing isabela is how it affects isabela’s character. rivalmance or friendmance, a male hawke romancing isabela generally comes across as “the man who tamed her” or “the man who made her change her ways” and i’ll explain why

right off the bat, when isabela is introduced in the story, her dialogue with m!hawke differs from her dialogue with f!hawke. when you are playing as a male, isabela immediately flirts with you, whereas as a female, isabela is protective, warning hawke about the men in the bar. that right there is a red flag about isabela’s general feelings towards men (rather justified feelings, i might add, considering her backstory) and shows that she puts up a facade around them 

with this knowledge, i find m!hawke/isabela to be incredibly squicky, and more of a story where m!hawke gets to “fix” isabela, who’s a “broken” woman (hint: she’s not)

f!hawke/isabela, however, is about two equals. two women who fight side by side to prove themselves—to one another and the world, really. it’s honestly about love.

but if that doesn’t convince you, don’t tell me you can listen to isabela’s “women are good for six” comment and honestly believe she doesn’t have a preference for women like holy shit 


this is everything I want their relationship to be


i have mixed feelings about this


i have mixed feelings about this

RPG idea:

Necromancy first discovered by an inexperienced healer incorrectly resurrecting their allies during battle (then proceeding to control the husks to defend themselves). 

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this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out

im a fucking ninja master.

Spell Sword!

I got Shinobi.


In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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i love late night skype messages

i love late night skype messages

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What a world we live in, where a video game in which seven out of ten playable characters are men will receive high praise for being progressive enough to include a whole three women in its speaking cast, yet a game in which seven out of ten playable characters are women is evidently some sort of hate crime.

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why are people so caught up in romanticizing the past? romanticize the future. there will be robots and slightly more equality

That’s what they thought 50 years ago too.


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